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Services Offered


Full-scope phase i site assessment

The most thorough investigation we offer, the full-scope Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) adheres strictly to the ASTM E 1527-13 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I ESA Protocol.  A thorough site investigation (supported by photos) and historical review along with interviews with local individuals and a review of all relevant databases combine to ensure your real estate transaction goes as smoothly as possible.  Normally deliverable within seven business days of ordering.  Approximate price is $1,850.  Prices may vary based on distance and scope of work. 

mold testing and remediation

EnviroGroup works closely with local laboratories when conducting mold assessments to determine whether the air quality has been compromised by mold spores.  Once a problem has been identified, EnviroGroup will work with the client to ensure remediation is carried out to an extent that air quality is within acceptable levels of mold spores.  Contact for rates.

Limited-Scope ESA

If a full-scope Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is not required and time is an important factor, we can customize a limited scope ESA based on each client's needs.  Typically deliverable within 4 business days, this report includes a thorough site investigation supported by photos, historical review and environmental database review including all necessary supporting documents.  Approximate price is $695.  Prices may vary based on distance and scope of work.  

Asbestos & Lead-Based Paint

During out site inspections, EnviroGroup is constantly on the lookout for evidence of environmental contaminants and potential carcinogens like lead-based paint and asbestos insulation.  With decades in the real estate development industry, we are able to make recommendations for remediation of these hazards so that remodels are done safely and as cost-effectively as possible.  Contact for rates.

Transaction Screen

For properties that are not believed to have current or historic uses that are likely to have an impact on the value or operations of the subject property, a transaction screen may be the most cost-effective option.  While not a replacement for a full-scope Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, for undeveloped properties a transaction screen may be the most cost-effective solution.  Prices typically start at $450 and may vary based on distance and scope of work.  Transaction screens are normally deliverable within 4 business days of ordering.

Drone Photography

For properties with topographic obstacles or undeveloped properties, our drone photographers can help get a birds-eye view of the asset being studied.  In addition, the infrared camera on our drone can detect heat loss from roofs and windows and our environmental professionals can make recommendations to save the property owner on their utility bills.  Contact for rates.